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New setlist for 2010?


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Saw multiple shows (Dublin-DC-Charlottesville) setlist pretty much the same (particularly is US), unlike Vertigo tour, which had more variety.  Would like to see them in 2010, but not if same setlist.  I know that songs from upcoming new album will be included, but do you think there'll be additions/subtractions to present setlist, i.e. Angel of Harlem (every night), I Will Follow, The Fly, Running To Stand Still or surprises, i.e. Lemon, Acrobat, Gloria, One Tree Hill, Two Hearts Beat As One?  Thoughts?

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I'm hoping for a more variety. I would love to hear Lemon or I Will Follow. I'm expecting them to keep some of the same songs on the set list but bring in new ones. I would love to hear New Your or Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.

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I think they'll have the usual....Streets, Beautiful Day, One, Vertigo, SBS, Magnificent, Boots and WOWY....but since 'Songs of Ascent' is supposed to be more mellow/spiritual, than I'd think they would fill the other spots w/heavier tunes. Also, it depends what goes on in the world at the time (eg. Iran and SBS). Hopefully, God II (Dallas Shoo's favorite), Wire, Tomorrow and Seconds makes it in the next round.

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Drop City of Blinding Lights, With or Without You, Unknown Caller and The Unforgettable Fire.


Play the alternative version of NLOTH instead of the slower album version.


Move Moment of Surrender into the middle of the gig (if they have to play it at all) and end with something more uplifting - possibly Streets


I'm still not convinced with the techno version of Crazy (I really hate this song anyway) - I guess it probably has to stay but could be replaced with Mofo or the more upbeat dance/rock version of Discotheque that they played a few times on the Vertigo tour.


Ultra Violet does not have to be played every single night in the encore - surely it can be mixed up and alternated with something else - maybe Until the End of the World or HMTMKMKM (I think the latter is one of their best heavier rock songs and should be in the set permanently).


While I like it that they played it live for the first time, Your Blue Room is not suited to a stadium gig.


While I'm on a role - guys - please start playing New Years Day again permanently - and Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses PLEASE!!! Gloria and October would also fit into this show quite well I think.

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This is the setlist I'd pay to go see them play. This would also see them playing a song from every album.


1. No Line on the Horizon (alternative version)

2. Get on your boots

3. Gloria

4. Mysterious Ways

5. Who's Gonna Ride your wild horses? or Ultra Violet

6. Magnificent

7. Beautiful Day

8. One

9. New Years Day

10. October or Tomorrow

11. Breathe

12. Vertigo

13. Mofo or Discotheque

14. Stay

15. Sunday Bloody Sunday

16. Bad

17. Pride

18. Where the streets have no name


Encore (Fez-Being Born played over PA with accompanying visuals)


20. Out of Control or The Electric Co

21. New song (maybe Every Breaking Wave if it turns out to be good)

22. Elevation

23. All I want is you

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Saw multiple shows (Dublin-DC-Charlottesville) setlist pretty much the same (particularly is US), unlike Vertigo tour, which had more variety. 

LOL cuz that's what people were whining about during the Vertigo tour. Edit: the setlist being the same that is...
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