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Rolling Stone Cover Shot: Bono, Bruce & Mick


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Yes, I must say, the other day, Prince Bono and Mick show up on a Beautiful Picture on zootopia. That was

very humble of them both. Mick is extremely courteous and a very sexy man, I always called my sister's son Joselito, Mick Jagger, because he looked just like him, til this day, I still see Mick Jagger in him, and he knows it because I remind him. Mr. Jagger has always been very much admired by Realm. He has exceeded my expectations of a Rock & Roll aritst. His guitarist, Keith Richards, is one of the sexiest guitarist I have ever witness thru television. I couldn't see them in Madison Square Garden when they came. Mick, tell them, its not over until you say so. Wow, Keith Richards, is an amazing man.


I truly love Micks, "JUST A KISS AWAY", AND "PLEASE TO MEET YOU, WON'T YOU GUESS MY NAME, LIKE A ROLLING STONE, HOW DOES IT FEEL", " UNDER MY THUMB", THE MOTHER OF ALL SONGS, START ME UP, THATS ME, PRINCE. I love the Rolling stone. The Prince, on the other hand, he is a Sphere kind of man. A WAVE kind of man, strong, magical, mystical, seductive, master of his castle, and mine, with an x power that I can feel. Thats telepathy Prince, or psychic like people call it,Paranormal. But, in the end, I have to take my beloved Prince Bono and Mick Jagger, a humble pair they are. What energy, what passion, what magic can they create together. I would have to ask them to "sing together on Madison Square Garden" and just take me to another level, a Higher Realm Prince.


I tell you my friends at zootopia, Bono also does some great Editorials, and I love to go to that journey with him while I read. Its that simple, I feel passionate of his writing. He is totally mesmerizing and seductive, very interesting, charismatic, Bono is like "Noah, of Noah's ark, he left his mark on humanity. In the Editorial, we get to read of the others behind the scene, Adam, Larry, Edge, Lanois, and Bob, its chanting by Bono, thats what it is, Bono is a light to us during this day and age. Into the future, I see the Legends as being, The Rolling Stones, U2, Aero Smith, Because Mr. Tyler is very romantic and has earned a place in our hearts and he did, walk this way and many other songs. Thats what I say to Bono, walk this way Prince, come and see your Lost Little Girl soon. I am forever waiting, one day, I shall receive this good news from you, tell me this is so.


One last thing, someone posted something of VIAGRA for Women, on my home page, when I was reading my emails, but guess what. I don't agree with that. A faithful woman always feels ready for it for her spouse, anytime, anywhere, why, I came from a tropical Island, in the Caribean, I am already by nature hot blooded, fail safe. If I take something like that, it might damage my fail safe natural reactions. Thats for some people who have such a problem, I am very healthy on that subject, and In my own natural habitat, in Dominican Republic, I burst like a flower, and I am ready to bloom open in the SUN. so, that was a mistake of whoever wrote it. Thats one problem Realm doesn't have. But, Realm thinks of ___as a magical passionate pure love act in which God plays a role, so the heart must be totally in a clean, non corrupted act that God approves of him and me. I am an orchid from a hot tropical island, born with this gift. Thats my response to that. I can live just in love and be faithful until that faithful day that God sends me a man he feels is compaticle with my spirit, makes a good partner and friend, brother and everything in one package, he gives me flowers of all colours, and if he has no money, I still be happy with him in a Platano Leave under the stars in my country up on the hils and valleys of where I was born. Thats where I day dreamed of the Prince all of my life, laying on the under a tree, under the sunny day, thinking of him who was but was invisible. This man must be a Prince in his own right already. Must have a heart that is a dwelling place of God, money has nothing to do with his title, but, I can pick up his energy, see, thats how I know who he is, Why do I say this, I have lived a married life already once for 24 years. So, If I am ever to get what I truly desire in man in this existence, I might as well be careful not to choose the wrong one this time. I chose when I was six, than, the formula was changed, I was given when I was 7 again thru unconventional ways my truth path in a far away land, than, lost the age six one and now, I am waiting for the Prince of Realm, but this one Prince would be sacred. He is all but, is a true love source, a pure, honest, sacred kind of love that keeps God present in my life and in all my doings. He is connected to me and to God. Its a different kind of love, whereby a man is loved in a higher Realm Term. Not carnal, though, it is very difficult to withstand the energies trying to lure you that way, to that point, I feel very strong, but being human, and having felt his powerful presence preventing Reaml from giving away the heart, Realm feels happy to live satisfied with this kind of love. Everyone is happy and the soul of Realm waits thru time, space and distance to see the true soul guide. One final thought, Bruce Springsteen is loved too. My kids like "Its only Rock & Roll to me" and I like all his songs. Bruce is loved very much in NJ, I valued him and his art and feel thankful for the artists who set good examples for our youth and children.  All of my above mentioned individuals are considerate of us, and the messages they pass can be enjoyed by the whole family, not just one or two and there is no violence in their lyrics.  These are the man who shape the minds of our young people too. I am thankful to Mick, Bono, Mr. Tyler, Bruce for their respective gifts that they voluntarily share with us, their fans.



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happy.gifWow, mogulus huge stars.  Right now, I am talking about the "Fame" hype Stars. The world's greatest artist together,

strike a pose Prince, Mick and  Bruce.  Now, Mick, "How this it feel" to be such a famous Man, from the Rolling Stones, how about you, Prince Bono, Rocking me baby,  and Bruce, , I miss those Glory days.?


I am thrilled to see them together.  Mick is charming, sexy and one of kind Rocker. Bono, an out of this world, and in this world, super mega Prince Rocker that Realm adores. And Bruce, my kids love your "Its only Rock & Roll to me" and I enjoy your "Glory Days".


I hope you all continue to be blessed and allowed to bring joy to the world with your respective gifts.  Remember, you are what you are for a higher purpose. And God knows what he is doing with you men. Keep looking up to the stars.



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