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ZOOTOPIA X-mas Cards Exchange 2009

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Since the list has been sent out and people have begun receiving their cards now, let's turn this thread this thread into ZOOTOPIA X-mas Cards Thank-You Thread!


Post your thank you, post the cards you received - share the Christmas spirit! :)


With the best regards to Feathers who is the mother of Christmas Cards Exchange. But since there have been no updates from her or anyone who has e-mailed her, I hope no one minds me running the Exchange this year.


The time has finally come - Christmas is just around the corner, and so is the annual Zootopia Christmas Cards Exchange.


If you want to participate, just send me to an e-mail (kps@inbox.lv) or PM here with:

1. your Zooname and your real name;

2. your e-mail address;

3. your mailing address;

4. your favourite U2 member;

5. your favourite U2 album.


You should send in this info by November 30th, 2009 23:59 (GMT). Please triple-check the information you are sending – we don’t want any cards to go to the wrong address, do we?


Within a few days after the deadline you will receive the complete list of Zootopians participating in the Cards Exchange, and then you may start mailing out all the nice Christmas cards.


You may send how many cards you want or can afford – it is not required to send a card to everyone on the list. But from the previous years the advice was to start from the people right below you on the list J


Once the list has been mailed out, there will be a “Zootopia Christmas Cards - Thank You†thread posted where we all can share the cards we’ve received and the fun we’ve had waiting and reading them. I’ve certainly had lots of fun over the years – the excitement of checking my mail everyday, three times a day for any new card to arrive.


A note: unlike in previous years, there will be no corrections thread posted, so as I asked before – double check and triple check your info.


I guess that sums of the basics. If you have any questions – post them here, as them privately – I will most gladly answer them.

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time to start for real!

k, would it be trouble to add in the list if they are from free or sub section?

just to enter the right "Thank you" thread :)

maybe who joins will make it easier for you saying if from free or sub

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Thank you, just about to send you my details

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Thanks Kristaps! Hope Feathers is alright. Feathers, we appreciate you! And thanks for all your hard work in the previous years!

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