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Buitenverblijf voor de Dutch Treat Zo Lang DeNis In Quarantaine Zit! deel3


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muis wrote:

iedereen tickets in the pocket voor pinkpop!!;-)))

alleen van juul weten we nog, hij ging voor de gewone verkoop bij platenzaak....

Ik heb nog niets gehoord of ze kaarten voor mij hebben kunnen krijgen. Marij heeft net wat bestellingen naar het postkantoor gebracht en daarwaren nog voldoende kaarten beschikbaar.

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Ok party people, here is some info


Keep checking back to this specific post, as it will be updated with

more info to help make the presales go smoothly. Please copy and

distribute to any and all fan websites or mailing lists you are on.




1.- Is it INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT that your contact information is up to

date. Especially your email, do NOT use the U2.com email as your contact

email, please use your regular email provider. I cannot emphasize this



2.- Look up at the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the page; do you see the

word PROFILE? This is a link to your account information, NOT the

profile everyone sees. If you click there it will take you to a page

where you can update your contact information and you can also see your

expiry date (YAY!) so you know when you need to renew.


3.- Update your contact information. /Update your contact information/.

Update your contact information. ????? ??????? , actualitzar les vostres

dades de contacte, actualizar su información de contacto, mettre à jour

vos informations de contact, aggiornare le informazioni di contatto,

aktualisieren Sie Ihre Kontaktinformationen, ????? ??????? ???????

?????? ?? , atualizar suas informações de contato, zaktualizowac'

informacje kontaktowe, aktualizovat své kontaktní údaje, update uw

contactgegevens...erm, you get the messageimage *


4.- If you have not confirmed your email due to technical difficulties,

please clear your cookies and cache and close your browser. Open

browser, log back in. You should get a page that asks you to confirm

your email. If you have done this, this page will not appear. If you

have not, then the page also has an option that asks if you want the

site to re-send you an email asking to confirm email. Do this. DO NOT

CLICK ON IT MULTIPLE TIMES (if you still can't do it, please post in the


someone post for you.).


5.- We are working like crazy to get everyone's problems fixed; problems

are being separated in batches, so you could be fixed on the login issue

and not yet on the posting issue, please be patient.


6.- All other problems need to be posted in the appropriate thread (read

the other Featured Topics). DO NOT REPOST or Re-SEND a PM if you have

already told us your problem. You have done this already, and there is

no need to tell us again. Repeats will be deleted.


7.- For some crazy reason the site works best on Mozilla Firefox, why?

No clue image. It's supposed to work with all browsers but some people

are reporting its not. Change browser, at least until we fix this.


8.- Webmail is down or has intermittent access image. Tech will fix this

AFTER everyone gets sorted out with their access problems.


9.- The presales are NOT going to happen the day of the tour

announcement, so we still have time to fix all of you.


10- Log in/log out issue; I have been informed by Tech that the site

automatically logs you out after a certain period of inactivity. I have

requested this be removed or changed to at least an hour. When this will

happen I have no idea. So if this is happening it's NOT a problem with

your account (for those that click on MY HOME and get bumped off that IS

problem, we are on it).


11.- Display names not being recognized; we have fixed most, but there

is a small group of people whose display name has other characters than

a space, & $ ! @ # : ; or ?, tech is trying to fix this. SUPER IMPORTANT

your contact info is current for this. Due to the issue that some of you

have very similar display names, some display names will have to be



12.- DO NOT DELETE your INVOICE/RECEIPT or 25% coupon email.. This

proves you paid and if there is any problem, we will need it. Also might

want to keep your credit card statement around (better safe than sorry)


And last but not least


If you want my or a moderators help, please treat us with respect

and courtesy. I have instructed the team to delete a/o skip any

rude, impolite or disrespectful messages. This type of behavior is

not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


I know and understand you are frustrated, we are also as there are

only a handful of us, and thousands of you, but if you cannot act in

a civil manner, then I invite you to bypass us, and deal with

Fanfire / Signatures Network / LiveNation directly. I am sure they

will provide the customer service you deserve.



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muis wrote:

reggy wrote:

Wat vinden jullie trouwens van de nieuwe items in de u2.com-shop?

mooi...maar ga er nu geen geld aan spenderen.....

Cd's, concerten, lidmaatschap, t-shirts, truien, ... m'n visa kraakt langs alle kanten!! roll.gif Ga dus ook nog wat wachten met de shop leeg te kopen. wink.gif

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