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Adam's former PA took advantage of his kindness


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U2's Clayton secures order against former PA

TheHigh Court has granted U2's Adam Clayton an interim order freezing theassets of his former housekeeper and personal assistant below €1.8million after allegations she may have misappropriated funds of thatamount.

Paul Sreenan SC, for Mr Clayton, Danesmoate Demesne, KellystownRoad, Rathfarnham, Dublin, secured the order from Ms Justice MaryLaffoy against Ms Carol Hawkins, Crannagh Road, Dublin 14.

The judge returned the matter to Monday.

Mr Sreenan said the matter went back to September 2008 when MsHawkins had come to Mr Clayton and confessed she had misappropriatedsome €13,000 of his money.

He dealt with this in 'a compassionate manner' and kept her on in employment.

However, it had emerged since then that Ms Hawkins, without theauthorisation of Mr Clayton, had used his debit and credit cards forher own use and for her family's benefit, counsel said.

On 19 November last, when the allegations were put to her, she hadaccepted the cards had been used and money was taken without MrClayton's authorisation but she had disputed the sums involved, MrSreenan said.

Her employment had been terminated. Certain matters had been referred to the gardai, counsel added.

Mr Sreenan said Ms Hawkins had denied she had bought a house, cars or flashy jewellery.

When it was suggested to her she had been withdrawing about €600twice daily for a period of 13 months, she said she had used it asneeded.

She also acknowledged she had lodged some money into her own bank account and had breached her contract.

Counsel said an investigation had revealed certain sums of money -about €900 per month - was spent on a syndicate which maintained horses.

Mr Sreenan also said flights to Chicago were purchased for her sonand members of a band in which he was involved and these bookings werenot authorised by Mr Clayton.

An investigation by two accountants, including Kieran Wallace ofKPMG, reported that sums of up to €1.8 million seemed to have beenmisappropriated, counsel added.

It appeared an apartment in New York had been bought and Mr Clayonwas concerned assets might be dissipated and that was why he wasseeking the assets freezing order.

Ms Justice Laffoy said she would grant the interim orders sought against Ms Hawkins and returned the case to Monday.

The order restrains Ms Hawkins reducing her assets below €1.8 million.

Video (may only work in Ireland)
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why would I invite a complete stranger into my home......???


what the hell is wrong with people? Someone gives you their trust and this is what you do? Karma is difficult, people.

Some people just like to shoot themselves in the foot!  If Adam needs a new assistant, I'm available!  happy.gif
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When I read this I just thought, wow, some greedy people don't think twice about taking advantage whenever they can! And also that she must be really dumb or really arrogant, coz did she honestly believe that Adam wouldn't eventually catch on?!? This sort of crime just baffles me!!

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What freaked me out about the article is why did it take so long for him to miss that kind of money? That's ridiculous! I would make her pay it back by feeding the homeless in Dublin everyday until every single penny was paid back. You can feed everyone on what she ripped off! What a scumbag! I hope the courts get creative in her sentencing instead of throwing her in prison and costing more money.

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