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Christmas miracle


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It's been one hell of a year end for me. It was great to see my favorite band on stage again, though I only went to three shows this tour leg, as opposed to twice that last time. Rose Bowl was a fiasco and a half. I'm sure many agree. But it was also one hell of a show. I'm glad I got to see it. 

I lost my keys that morning, and not one soul turned them in. So when I got home, unable to lock my back gate, within a short time, I was burglarized. I lost my entire photography biz pretty much. They took two computers, my new D-SLR and lens, and a hard drive with 15K photos. Tons of my coolest beloved dog, Borias. Maybe some of you remember us? He's a German Shepherd with an abundance of personality. 

Well, that wounded me, but it hasn't stopped me. I'm recovering. Trying to find a way to get a camera again (I had no isnurance).It's like an extension of myself. I actually had taken some really cool images of the Las Vegas show, but unfortunately, those were on one of the computers. So was an image of the painting I did for Bono last tour. That I gave to him, and in return, got sang to from the stage. Well, at least the original is in good hands : )

I'm watching the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll on HBO. I feel so priveleged to have met some of these great artists. To have had some very cool experiences with those I hold in high esteem. U2 will always have my heart. 
Have a very Happy Christmas all, and may the year ahead bring miracles. 

Tamandra and Borias
Heart Dog Studios
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That is a terriblet hing to have happened. I love your strong spirit and determination to not let these people drag you down. I hope that the people who did this get caught and by some miracle you get back your equipment. These people who did this will get theire comeupance - Something I believe in as I have seen ity happen many times.

I hope this doesn't affect your business too much and that you have a successful 2010

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