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welcome back naz. no problem about the delay. It gave me an excuse to come off and go to bed. i'm definitely going to bed a lot earlier tonight. I have no choice. I have to travel to Cork in the morning.
switching to comfort of a warm, dry bed instead of tree? then claire can leave curtains open again!

cant see new title yet.. you're not outta inspiration, are you?!

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Mary, you missed EVERYTHING! I think you should make the effort to read back... esp my marriage to CT - the questions from Naz, the jonathan discussion with Babs, zhivvy's drinking problem and a whole bunch of other stuff in between!
that about sums it up then!thumbsup.gif..I get bored reading too many pages!roll.gifroll.gifeek.gifeek.gifmarraige?????.roll.gifroll.gifwhit a 64 yr old and a 20 about I think Clare is!.....roll.gifroll.gifyour really Ronnie Wood!roll.gifroll.gif..get back to your Stones forum!roll.gifroll.gif
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