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Come and join me im having a beer , what are you having ? PRT2

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So do you think stalkers can impersonate people cause I would'nt have a clue....!!!!


Anyway I have to go , be in mon or whenever the shop sorts itself out , take care all ,bye , be safe



Be listening to the radio till 12 probly then sleep , hopefully not like the other night could'nt sleep , was thinking all about a married man , really bad.....

surely there must be a reason for this malfunction of mine.....Take care


night , radio now.......

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Just relaxing on here waiting for the show tonight! She's had her rehearsal and I know nothing of what it was like. Just waiting for dinner to finish nad then dinner with a nice glass of red wine and off to see my little girl!!! Can't wait - big grin just thinking of it!

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