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U2 360 tour love money !!!


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Everything is money now, they all turned capitalists now. Nobody touches the heart but now they are all in Europe about money, fuckin 'money, as I come to pierce the hearts and minds of people do not understand.

I do not understand that now that u2 does well to not come to Argentina, or South America ... .. of course not like in the pop mart, everyone turned their backs, but us.

Nesecitamos not to bring that scenario, this mega show, with only muster a scenario like the rock palace, we will be happier than ever.

But that's to be done ... .. no money changes people, but the truth is shown as " pimp.gif

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[quote name='sugrue wrote:

Janette B']Are you related to the leprechaun by chance???







lol this is funny laugh.gif

and I agree with u2ireland...there should be a gripe forum. so then we don't ever have to look at these things and complainers can go there without us having to deal with ithappy.gif

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