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Amy MacDonald: 'U2 are fans of mine'

Claire T

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Amy MacDonald has revealed that U2 are fans of hers, according to reports.

The Scottish singer-songwriter, who released
last week, said that she was shocked by the Irish band's admission.

She told
Bang Showbiz
:"I met U2, they sent me a letter to my dressing room, we were doing anawards ceremony. It said, 'To Amy, come and say hello to your fanclub',and was signed by all of U2! I was like, 'Wow'.

"I was there inthe dressing room, Bono was pouring me a glass of wine and we werehaving a conversation abut my videos - they knew all my music, Icouldn't believe it."

She added: "I couldn't wait to get out ofthere so I could tell everyone - I was like, 'Yeah, alright, can I getout of here now and go phone my mum?'"

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