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Nearly 30 years on MAC talks BOY


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next year will see the release year of u2's debut album BOY. i considerthis album to be one of the best debut albums by any artist. sure therehas been many great debuts, radiohead pablo honey, the stone rosesdebut, led zeppelin 1, pearl jam 10, i could go on, but this is u2.comand what better place than to relive their brilliant debut.


recordedby steve lillywhite 30 years ago, the band were just a baby band,virtually still in school uniform mode with no idea where this albumwould take them. i was only 5 at the time, and no idea who this u2 wereor would become, but it was not until 1990 that i purchased the albumon tape. i already knew of some of the songs from under a blood red skyand the i will follow contains the dreadful and funny demo version oftwilight, but i wasnt totally taken in by this joy division copy ofsongs. maybe i had been spoilt by what was to come with u2, but ireally couldnt get on with it. but as time went on, the songs creptinto my skin like a virus and suddendly it clicked into place. its thecertain scales the edge plays, taking you into dreamworld esp on intothe heart. its bono's innocent lyrics, about youth, about losing yourmother and his passion for a 18 year old is totally evident. its adamand larry bashing away like their life depended on it. and rememberlarry was under huge pressure because he father wasnt too convincedabout him drumming in a rock band. its all there to hear. you can hearthe uncertainty, the energy rush, the dark tones already in them, thelessons learnt to form achtung baby. yet more soundscapes painted butnot yet the paint taken by the paper like in the ocean.


so to celebrate MAC is going to take you track by track on his view on each part of the jigsaw.............




timelesssong. amazing really how such a simple and effective song about losscan remain a classic today. 2 chords and the truth is what the quoteshould have been.




when i first heard the demoversion, i wasnt too convinced! but then who really was? it was theb-side live on the sweetest thing that caught my attention. then i wentback to the album version, and yep i can feel it! dark riff from theedge to start off with and soul searching music all round.




highlightfor me! love the dark tones u2 carry on with on the album. ok the joydivision thing, whats wrong with showing your influences eh? never didoasis any harm! the surge, is totally brillliant. takes me away and itsthose scales from the edge that he plays over adam's hypnotising bass.




truerocker in every sense! larry is in full flow here and a great versionon slane castle dvd really brings the song full circle. bono doesntforget to remind their parents about the lend! but back in 1980 thiswas a live favorite then and a strong staple in the album so far.




thetheme of being young comes into the picture here again, better than thedemo version on the 3EP but next to out of control it does feel likeits younger brother to me.




first sign of u2era 1984 sound with poetry lyrics from bono and rolling toms fromlarry. it was so good they played it live twice! (actually because theydidnt have enough songs twice) was also suprisingly revisited on thevertigo tour!!!!




70's rock sound fromthe edge. also first song of hundreds to feature edge's coca coladelay. a peddle he discovered used in full effect. when i first heardthis song it reminded me of queen! so kind of put off at the time itwas the performance on the under a blood red sky video that got me!larry's drumming is fantastic! and it now turns out this song says tome u2 in 70's space rock opra!




MYFAVORITE OFF THE ALBUM! so glad they played it when i saw them on thevertigo tour! thats all im going to say on this one! anyone who doesntlike this song is a total wet fart!




fantasticcloser! does anyone notice larry uses the same drum beat on peace onearth????? but i think this closer is a good one and features edge onacoustic guitar strum mode.





so there you go! hopefully ive taken some people down memory lane, 1980, start of the decade, start of u2's jounry.


so raise a glass and toast, HAPPY 30 YEARS BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hehe no that's true!


As for the album I think I really need to listen to it again but Bono singing Stories for boys is funny so English sounding


that is awesome! raw energy, a band with huge ideas, great part of u2 history!
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