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Totally Disgraceful......

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[quote name='kevu209 wrote:

Claire T']to be honest i think not having the full concert on all disks is making me not want to buy it anyway! I'm not rich I don't have a job at the moment and to be honest why should I pay for something that isn't what it says on the tin


a 360 concert!


and i'm not just saying that for the sake of saying it but I really wanted the DVD to show my mum what the whole point of seeing U2 live was about so she'd understand me going to Vienna to see them this year and Dublin last but what's the point if the start of the gig isn't there!

So you went to the show, watched the intro, watched breathe and then left? 


as for the new songs we havent seen on DVD how about Unforgettable Fire? Ultraviolet? Stuck in a moment (only ever been on 1 DVD), people moaned when Until the end of the world wasnt on the vertigo tour dvd and now people are moaning its on this one.

no i didn't what i was saying is why buy a DVD that's supposed to be of a concert when it's not the full one! Anyway sure that'll change hopfully fingers crossed!

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