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Muse fans to pick the setlist......how about us U2?


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cool idea this.




Muse fans can pick 3 songs they want to hear from what looks like more or less the whole Muse back catalogue for each one of this summers concerts.


they'll play at least 1 out of the top 5 at each show.


We always have song face offs/what song do you want to hear threads every so often and we always seem to want the same songs so how about it U2?


plus we moantongue.gif about the setlists when the tour comes round


maybe the mods could pass this idea on to the powers that be?


they've got enough time to rehearse before the gigs start.


Acrobat, So cruel and an cat dubh/into the heart will do for me or maybe if I'm cheeky drowning man!wink.gif


So can we get this goin and maybe,just maybe for once they'll listen?

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great idea Gibbo, would love to see this - but have doubts it could ever happen. :(


There is no real effort made to act on any of the complaints made by fans about the state of the official website (in order to provide better value for money) ...... well; you know where I'd be headed with this........... so enough has been said by many others already and some have let their subscriptions lapse by way of protest .........


i guess you have posted this on the paid forums too - but thanks for posting on the free side and providing the opportunity for us too :)


My 3 would be ..... Electrical Storm / Mercy / Acrobat. :)

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Well, maybe they will listen....they did do UltraViolet and there was a lot of mention about hearing that song for this current tour.


My choices...



Electrical Storm

Fast Cars

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