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Concerts I HAVE seen


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My list (in no particular order other than as I think of them)


Simple Minds

Depeche Mode

The Cure

Tori Amos


Melissa Etheridge

Pink Floyd

Duran Duran

The Cranberries




Love and Rockets

Indigo Girls


Soul Aslyum


Elton John

Sixousie and the Banshees

and of course U2!


Who have you seen?

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Neil Young U2 Rolling Stones Billy Joel Jon Bon Jovi Skid Row Elton John Genesis Bruce Springsteen Marshall Tucker Band Alman Brothers Band Blues TravelerMetallica Slade CCR Elf George Strait Eric Clapton Charlie Daniels Pink Floyd ZZ Top Judas Priest garth Brooks Reba Jethro Tull Journey Aerosmith Brooks andDunn Alan Jackson

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I'll start with last year and I know I can't name them all:


My Chemical Romance/ Panic at the Disco/ Foo Fighters/ Elton John/ Bruce Springsteen/ Coldplay/ Eagles/ Electric Six/ Local H /



Bad English/ Billy Joel/ Brian Wilson/ Dixie Chicks/ Duran Duran/ Eric Clapton/ Everclear/ Firehouse/ Foreigner(original line-up)/

Garbage(u2 opener)/ Garth Brooks/ Gin Blossoms/ Green Day/ John Mellencamp/ Jonny Lang/ Journey/ Kanye west(u2 opener)/

Keane/ Kings of Leon(u2 opener)/ No Doubt/ Paul Simon/ PJ Harvey(u2 opener)/ REO Speedwagon/ Tesla/ Trisha Yearwood/

The Wallflowers/ Wolfmother/


and U2(x9)

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Ok, gonna show my age here.


Styx 1976

Bryan Adams\Journey1983

Joan Jett\ Loverboy1983

Ratt\Billy Squire1983

Kiss 1984, 1997, 1998

Billy Joel

Poison\Ratt 1984

Jason & the Scorchers\Survivor 1987

U2\Joshua Tree\ BB King 1987

Texas Jam (The Rolling stones, living Color)

Texas Jam(Dokken, Metallica, The Scorpions)

Texas Jam(Styx, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top)

Van Hagar

Van Halen (Reunion Tour 2008)

Blue Oyster Cult


Peter Frampton

The Smithreens 93, 2008

The Cure

Honeymoon Suite

George Thorogood 91, 2008

Loverboy 83,88,06,08


Don Henely

Sting 88, 98

Steely Dan

Dave Mathews Band

Brittany Spears (I have 3 daughters)


Jimmy Buffet

Celine Deon\Michael Bolton (A Valentines gift for my wife)

George Strait

The Black Crowes

David Baerwald

Bruce Springsteen\The Rising Tour


KC & The Sunshine Band


I think thats about it, im certain I have forgot a few, and wrapping this list up I realize why my hearing is shit at 44

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Way back when David Cassidy, Bay city rollers

Sham 69

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Adam and the ants



Simple minds

Depeche mode

Simply red


The alarm

more U2


Foo fighters

more U2

Take that

George michael




How diverse is that lot, maybe thats why i am 42 and a mad mother.!!!!!!pimp.gif

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U2: Popmart(1997): Toronto X2, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle

Elevation(2001); Calgary X2, Vancouver, Montreal X2, Toronto X2, Buffalo, Albany, Detroit

Vertigo(2005): Vancouver X2 = 17

Duran Duran - 3 times

David Bowie

Bryan Adams


John Mellencamp

Geez. Can't remember. I don't go to a lot.

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Ok, here it goes...


U2 x4

Barenaked Ladies x6

Rod Stewart x4

Aerosmith x2

Bryan Adams

Billy Joel

Bruce Springsteen x3

Tragically Hip

Bon Jovi x5

Garth Brooks x4

Dave Matthews Band

Melissa Etheridge

Alanis Morissette x2

Goo Goo Dolls

Dashboard Confessional x2

Tony Bennett

Harry Connick, Jr. x3

Amanda Marshall


Sheryl Crow

Hootie & The Blowfish

Chantal Kreviazuk

Paula Abdul

Arcade Fire

Ricky Martin

Michael Jackson


...I think that's about it.

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