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Review: Muse @ Oracle Arena, Oakland CA USA 4/14

El Vampiro

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I am so glad I got to see these guys before they blow up in popularity even further. I really really like this band, loving them even, however I haven't reached the "obsessed" point of fandom yet. I like Muse because they offer something different, something more avant garde but not pompous or pretentious. Their music is very theatrical, artistic and challenging. Their music isn't meant to be mainstream, however they're rapidly approaching that level of stardom.


The Oracle Arena was the perfect venue, it's smaller than the likes of Staples Center and most other arenas, very intimate. We had seats in the upper tier, stage left, but still felt very close to the action. The lighting/stage production was PHENOMENAL. These guys dropped some serious money into the stage production: the light effects, lazers, video projection, the frickin video sky scraper/platforms and video cubes...wow. The production alone was worth the ticket price, the band was icing on the cake. Matt Bellamy is one hell of a performer. He's practically a modern day Beethoven, a virtuoso on guitar, piano, AND vocals! (while bouncing around onstage!) The band itself is a well-oiled machine, never missing any cues, locked in synch, and fluidly moving from one piece to the next. While these guys are very proficient musicians, there's no rigidity to their playing, nothing mechanical at all, very soulful. The band played close to 2 hours. The Norcal crowd was very into it, singling along to many songs. the GA crowd was jumping. Even the people in the upper tiers were on their feet the entire night, I rarely see that anymore. The new songs were very well received, especially Undisclosed Desires...which is hated by most critics for some reason. By the way, why do some people mosh at a Muse concert? Come on people...it's Muse! ohwell.gif


My only complaint is regarding the sound. There was a lot of low end, but that was probably due to the acoustics of the venue. I didn't even realize Starlight had started, not until the keyboard part came in. It was hard to discern the vocals at times. Dom Howard's drums sounded thunderous...a little too thunderous lol. The snare was very lacking. It sounded thuddy and very low pitched. Where was the high end crack that makes those drum parts so bitchin? Once again, probably was due to poor acoustics. Chris Wolstenholme's sound didn't suffer as much. More than solid playing by all. Despite the sound issue, this was an excellent show, worth every penny and then some. I hope they come back for a second American leg.





Map of the Problematique

Supermassive Black Hole



MK Ultra


United States of Eurasia

Feeling Good

The Helsinki Jam (drums and bass duet)

Undisclosed Desires


Unnatural Selection

Time Is Running Out

Plug In Baby


Exogenesis Symphony, Part I

Stockholm Syndrome

Knights of Cydonia


I can't completely remember where the snippets popped up, but the band played sections of Zeppelin's Heartbreaker, Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion, I think there was a Pink Floyd riff played as well. Very frickin cool.

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me and the wife saw MUSE in 2001 in the plymouth pavillions. i became a fan in 2000 when i first heard sunburn for the first time thinking it was the new radiohead single! until a mate of mine said, hey these lots are local lads you know called MUSE, so i was like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i borrowed the debut album off a mate, and instantly fell in love with it! even though kid a at the time was still enough to keep my appetite wet!


so with endless plays of the debut (showbiz) the 2nd album was out and i got that first day it came out. instant hit too with me! so when news was about MUSE were coming home to plymouth (well sort of, i live in cornwall and MUSE are more from devon) but it was a great gig and was just a little idea of what they are live now. the spectucular lights, the balls that you can pop and out flies confetti and it was pure heavy! muse now i feel are more commercial sounding, but i still like them because its their sound. and i would love to see them live again.


as for the new album, yeah i like it, they make some fantastic music, even though it has been done before by them at time, but tell that to oasis eh!


Set list


1. Dead Star

2. Micro Cuts

3. Megalomania

4. Sunburn

5. Showbiz

6. Feeling Good

7. Space Dementia

8. Muscle Museum

9. Citizen Erased

10. In Your World

11. Sober

12. Unintended

13. Hyper Music

14. New Born

15. Plug In Baby

16. Bliss

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