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Williams: U2 Fans to be Bigger Part of 360 Tour This Year

Posted: May 06, 2010

By: m2 / @mattmcgee

Willie Williams says U2 fans will be a bigger part of the U2 360Tour production in 2010. He's already working on this year's shows, anddropped a couple hints about what's to come in a members-only interviewon U2.com. Here's a bit of his comments:

"Towards the end of 2009, we made apiece of content for 'Unknown Caller,' which was made of people sendingin clips of themselves singing the chorus of the song. That wasfantastically successful. It's a thing they call 'crowdsourcing,' whichis really a focus where I'm going this year."

You can read more of Willie's comments on our sister site, U2tours.com: Willie Williams Hints About 2010 U2 Tour Production.

UPDATE, May 7: A day later, and now U2.com has posted another item in its members-only section that follows through on this plan for more fan involvement:

Willie Williams, Show Director, isworking with band and production team on a series of new visual ideasfor serious or trivial, quite ridiculous... or quite important.

U2.com is accepting questions in both text and audio formats.

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