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U2 are Bigger than the Beatles.


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Yes I would like to throw a remark that


U2 are bigger than the Beatles. after I heard the White Album Vs No Line On The Horizon.


*oh sorry they should Replace that Spellcheck system here in U2.com*




"U2 are Bigger than the Beetles"


hehehe ok that's was just a joke!


If John Lennon can get away a "more famous than Jesus" why Can't U2 lol...

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I think it might actually be true. They may have even sold more albums than The Beatles. U2 stayed together for a lot longer than The Beatles. I have all ofU2's records but I only have 1 Beatles album (greatest hits).

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mjw511 wrote:

At this point, I would have to say the same. Going on 30 years since
and U2 is still the biggest band in the world!

Wow thirty years and they still going.

its like I was still crying from my mother's womb that time.


( YES I'm singing Magnificent Right now LOL)


Yes.. U2are Really bigger than beetles




This is the White Album Era for U2.

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