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What can Bono the bag do?


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he has had a few good days out! (and wore my wrist watch lol!!!)

He is off to London on Saturday so will have to see what he gets up to!

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she can protect him with her life!!

really, when the kids saw my bag, they were making fun of it... saying they'd prob given them away cause nobody would buy them, saying that chest hair had to be photoshopped, cause b-man not man enough to have it... i defended him like hell!!

next day lena had her swimmingclass and asked if she could use the bonobag to take her swimmingstuff ....say what?! 'i thought you dint like it? it was ridiculous??' -'that was just to tease you, mom, i think its a really cool bag, cant i have it?' -'no you cannot! someone shipped this to me from america!!' -'but can i use it , once? my friend (girl who likes u2) will go crazy!'- 'and HURT him??? no Way!! i know those girls, always pulling and acting funny!'- ' but why didnt you ask her to send 2 bags? one for me?' - 'i didnt think you wanted one.... you're always laughing at u2 and mocking bono!' - 'cant you ask her to send you another one? and give me this one , then you have the new one?' -' and pay the shippingcosts again??' - 'i'll pay it, from my savings!' - 'i don even know if she can get a second one, what if she cant and you hurt mine??' - 'cant you call her?' - 'she's in AMERICA?!'....

went on for another 15 minutes or so... so if any of you girls have another bag, would it be possible to send it over? and could i use your paypal again zhiv?? (my debt is increasing! lol!)

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