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MORE U2 PARODY LYRICS!!! (8th edition)


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Welcome to the EIGHT EDITION of my U2 parodies. Here is another set of U2 songs parodied in the theme of food & drink. A website with parodies of every U2 song will be up soon.


You'll find the previous editions here:
















As always, I would very much enjoy hearing your thoughts or, heck, just gimme an LOL! I'd love to know your favourites so far. Suggestions are welcome!


Feel feel to pass these along!!! Maybe the boys would get a laugh out of these. Hint hint.






Pizza Earth

Parody Of “Peace On Earthâ€


Pizza Earth, let’s go there now

I’m sick of all these food courts around

Sick of Sbarro’s, sick of the chains

I’m sick of eating there again and again

So this time, let’s go to Pizza Earth


When I threw up after eating sushi

That lunch special that I wolfed down’s

The last time I eat Japanese

So I hear it’s just half a block

And you’re welcome to concur

And if you concur we will take you


And it’s really not that far

And you can use your debit card

I can assert


Jesus, we don’t have much time
Got 20 minutes left to dine
Pizza Earth
A slice or two I like the sound
Although I gotta watch those pounds
Pizza Earth
No burgers, fries
Temps my eyes
Nor satisfies
Like Pizza Earth
I hunger for a slice of pie
But this mall yields no surprise
There is a dearth
Pizza Earth


Check those toppings out, there’s a good ratio

All the folks I’m told rave on about the dough

Prawns and sausages, chicken, ham and feta

Their sauce is better than any pizzeria


Jesus, we don’t have much time
Got 10 minutes left to dine
Pizza Earth
A slice or two I like the sound
Though I gotta watch those pounds
Pizza Earth
Jesus, I wish I weren’t so broke
I’d order up a large Coke
Pizza Earth
Man, we’re almost out of time
But this food is just so damn sublime
Pizza Earth
Straight to my girth
Pizza Earth

Pizza Earth
Pizza Earth
Pizza Earth



Mild, Hot, Honey

Parody Of “Wild Honeyâ€


For today, we offer all the wings you can eat

My name is Frankie, spend your money freely & with ease

Stuff your face, stuff your face with countless hens

Would you like crispy or de-skinned?


You could order what you please
Mild, hot, honey
And if you do share,
There’s a fee
Mild, hot, honey


But I warn you, I warn you there’s cayenne

Seems our cook served time

He likes it habanero grade

That’s a cruel one

Your tongue will swelter

Your tongue will swelter

I’m afraid


Yes, we offer teriyaki
Mild hot honey
You can order what you please
Mild hot honey
Yeah, let’s throw in some iced tea
Mild hot honey
Mild, mild, mild


You’re demanding,

You’re one demanding customer

And you’re still eating piles

With everyone shamed around you

You go on for hours,

For hours at your stall

I know your stomach’s full

But you’re not human at all


Oh oh oh,

Shove food in that hole


Man, you never cease to eat
It’s not funny

Won’t you take off,
Take off please
Losing money
Yeah, your tip better not be cheap
So long, sonny
Piles, piles, piles

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