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new 360 SET-LIST


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Sorry no info here other than hoping that 1/3 of the set list is different and please...........not the same encore every night[old news from me ..i know]..add.........B A D ..every night, dig into that almost 500..song vault !!!!!!........and maybe less rigid as to media/light production so they hopefully can MIX IT UP MORE ! enjoy the show and cant wait for live streams.....

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i dont want bad in the setlist. yes thats right


i think the best thing they ever did with the song is have it only make rare appearences, that way its feels so much more special when it is played.


but had they played it every night, it would have turned out like With or without you, an especially long bore that slows down the slow (i want with or without you to go -- its a tired song)


i think Bad would have lost its meaning if it would have been played every nigt


Scarlet, Running to stand still, please, the first time, mothers of the disappeared, they fly, mofo

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Wire, Surrender, God II, Tomorrow, Mofo and Red Hill Mining....but I have a feeling that a reworked version of All I Want Is You will replace With Or Without You. Grace might also be in the setlist....also reworked.


It could go like this:


Fez - Being Born - over the P.A.


1. Get On Your Boots

2. Stand Up Comedy

3. Magnificent

4. Vertigo

5. Gone or new song

6. Beautiful Day

7. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

8. No Line On The Horizon

9. Elevation

10. Until The End Of The World

11. Drowning Man

12. The Unforgettable Fire

13. City Of Blinding Lights

14. Crazy

15. Mofo

16. Sunday Bloody Sunday


Encore 1


17. One

18. Grace (Remake)

19. Streets


Encore 2


20. Soon


22. Ultraviolet

23. Moment Of Surrender

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