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hey ok, how did you even sign up to work for the crew?
I work for a local audio company that does concerts for several national acts. We basically work in all the major live venues in the SE of the U.S....not the Union. So when, U2 was coming to town, they needed at least 200 people for the load-in and 300 for the load-out. One of my buddiesWe basically helped the U2 audio crew fly the P.A. and then helped put up lights (which we normally don't do) and build the stage. During load-out, they issued us color-coded shirts, to identify various departments. These guys are so organized. When they said it would take 4hrs for production to load out, they really meant it. Looking forward to working with these guys again. They said they'll be coming back to the major cities like Boston, NY, Chicago, Texas and parts of California. In addition, they also mentioned Tampa and Raleigh....since these shows sold out and broke the attendance record. At first they said they weren't going to Australia, S. America or S. Africa (due to logistical expense), but I guess with the success its done, and w/the postponement, things have changed. I guess Bono's back injury was a blessing in disguise for the Aussie U2 fans, coz they really weren't on planning that trip Down Under....the U2 crew had all their travel documents already done before the tour started. They also indicated that the U2360 @ Rosebowl was the only live DVD for this tour....I remember them mentioning something new & innovative was going to take place (which was U2 on YouTube). However, I think they'll do another one....depending on how drastically they change the production of this tour. Originally, the tour was supposed to end in 2011, but now, it maybe ending in 2012.
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What would be great, would be fans picking the songs for part of the set list. Here's how:


1. Have all the regulars in there...Streets, The Unforgettable Fire, Magnificent, etc....


2. Throughout the setlist, they should have slots where there's a choice for fans to pick a song, out of a group of like say 3 songs. They should group it according to either the era or type of song (ballad, rock, or acoustic) Voting should take place just before they perform the song, and determined by crowd noise level....use dB meters (decimal level readers, placed throughout the stadium) to determine which is the favorite. They can even split it up where the first voting is for the fans behind the stage, the 2nd to the right side, the 3rd being the left, and the 4th being GA area. With digital technology, it's easy to recall a lot of the production.




Group 1: Wire, God II or Mofo. (Voted by level sections behind the stage and behind FOH)


Group 2: Acrobat, Red Hill Mining Town or Tomorrow. (Voted by right side)


Group 3: Electrical Storm, Blue Room or Drowning Man. (Voted by left side)


Group 4: Stay, Stuck In A Moment or Seconds....all acoustic. (Voted by GA/Red Zone)


That way, there's more fan interactivity, and the setlist will be more interesting. I'm pretty sure the band would like this! Talk about making a stadium show a more intimate setting. If anyone were to do it, U2 would be it!


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