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Here's a brand new parody for you guys: Cod Heart Stew! I think it worked out pretty well.

It's another great addition for ***SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING***[/font] the other U2 parodies you'll find on my brand new site. Enjoy! And I appreciate all feedback, thank you!!!!!


WARNING: this parody contains spicy language. Not suitable for young U2 fans.


Cod Heart Stew
Parody of "God Part II"

Don't believe I'd revel
You're so naive a cook
There'd be no insurance claim
Without your Plague in a Cup
I don't believe this digests
Unless you've a sieve
I can't believe these itches
My friend, you I'll never forgive
I, I, I have heaved enough

Don't believe Dysentery
Like I've received ass rape
Should be tearing up all my insides
From a stew that I ate
I don't believe a death blow
Some foe could have planned
Could be worse than the oozing
That's relentless in my pants
I, I, I been grieved enough

Don't believe in chest pains
And close calls to being dead
Shouldn't have to wear Depends
When I'm here to be fed
Don't believe phlegm
Should be the Soup du Jour
This shit's unhealthy
I'm sick for sure
I, I, I've relieved enough

I don't believe I've told, man
That when I saw the nurse
Instant terror like a horror film
Filled her when she saw the worst
I don't believe that bedside bowl
Could have contained the hurl
I'm being sued for restitution
For the evil that I've churned
I, I, I ain't peeved enough

I don't believe in the mixing
Of old fish with foul slop
You've horrified my ass
With the amount I throw up
I heard a priest come say hello
Late last night
Says he's never seen such sickness
I should need last rites
I, I, I believed him enough

So ill that I'm falling
What a winner of a meal
I hope the cops take down your name
To prison you plea a deal
I, I, I believe I'm snuffed

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