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A chance to help the heroes (your good deed for the day)


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It is 3.45 am gmt but still 9/11 in Seattle (hello Sammi) & I am awake and what the heck is that noise.

Armed with recording device I make my way up the street prepared to record  but my indignation is stopped in it's tracks for there in front of me is a vision in lemon.

It is the real heroes of this world - Firemen - putting out a blaze that was started in an empty mill


Oh well that's different these guys can make as much noise as they want


"Keep up the good work guys"


Return home and then go back with 5 litres of water 4 big plastic glasses and a 2 litre bottle of Vimto


It's thirsty work being a fireman.


Aaaaaaaaaaaah they look so grateful too almost as though they are taken by surprise that someone has bothered.


It is we who are grateful guys and on the anniversary of this day thank you so much

and to quote Winston

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few"







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[quote name='shirley2010 wrote:

Zhivvy']Lovely gesture Shirley - and great choice with Vimto lol!!! - the best drink in the world!


Aye lass made in the North thumbsup.gif



By ekk, I remember t'days when no-one out of North West knew what t'stuff were!
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