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What mood are you in today??

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A little bit disappointed...

Tried to do my "charity" and went to a local blood service to blood donation. But they couldn't accept me as a donor because I've just visited US and it brings a waiting period because of some epidemics in US...

But I understand they have to be very exact with their rules and I can go there later... And maybe the Fukito pills wouldn't have been acceptable eitherwink.gif

I remember hearing about all the restrictions on giving blood - i never realised how many reasons there are to not be allowed. I do understand why but the list is amazing.
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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:


Want the boxing kitty!!!


I'm just back and reckon I might survive man-hair (for today!). I'm trying to catch up so sorry to hear bad news but I have to say I like the boxing kitty!

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[quote name='shirley2010 wrote:

Reid NZ wrote:

shirley2010']I am beyond fuming - and so is the weather it seems.

Anything to do with the flood victims - you & mick certainly served up a can of whip ass there
.  made for good reading and can certainly see your points.  hope the weather improves for you.


Well that didn't help but actually it was about my music teacher who was viciously attacked in her shop the other week by two thugs she had no money so they cut her arm after grabbing her by the throat and giving her a black eye.  she's only 5'3" and about 7 stone 7lb. Not content with that last Wednesday because she had managed to put a photofit of one of them in the newspaper he waited for her after she closed her shop and then attacked her again on the carpark this time slicing her thumb and leaving her unconscious. she has had to have a 3 hour operation to repair her severed tendons and will be unable to move it for 12 weeks.  She is now absolutely terrified of being on her own and her husband is in bits because he was working away on both occasions and wasn't there to protect his wife.

They were both from Pakistan so my music tutor and her husband are not feeling very charitable towards their country at the moment.

I however am determined not to tar them all with the same brush as the source of this was drug related - as per usual.  We live in a very small town as well not a major city and this incident has shaken a lot of people up who work in shops on her street.

My music tutor is a lovely, gentle person and very talented - she was actually poached by Yamaha to work for them when she was 18 and she teachs keyboard, violin and guitar - she didn't deserve this.

I got to look after her yesterday and I took her to a local park where we fed the ducks as it was a beautiful day.

She wanted to close her shop and give up but her husband has said no because she has built up such a good rapport with her students and that will mean that the thugs have won.


Thanks for reading I feel much better now.



Thats ratshit - no wonder you were having a bit of a mindfuck.  Hope the punks get whats coming to them.

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