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With the bills today frown.gif  came a card from Pebs smile.gif  a smile and took away the greyness I can see from my window..Thankyou ... I remember seeing something last month 13th was your Birthday..a late B'day wishes....Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year wishes...I hope you are safe in your part of you island.....Take Care .

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got another card yesterday from U2LAwoman--wow! that was the most amzing card I have ever seen. so beautiful and so artistically awesome!


Just love all of the textures and layers upon the card, and the different materials and shapes...you are an artist, no doubt!!


Hope you are still trying to make all of your artist dreams come true...


and thank you for the ornament-I love it!!


did miss hathaway really make it--as in the actress?


thank you again I feel truly blessed

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 I'm so thankful to have joined this card exchange because it made January (the most depressing month) a lot better because it's always nice to get something positive in the mail.
You are SO right, has ment made more ZOO  friends, so many of the cards will not be going away and means this CHRISTMAS...yes it's a long way off...... I have made up my mind...think how to do this years!!!!!  SO many thankyousssssssssssssssssssssss. Bring some sunshine into my home.happy.gif 
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So, I'm totally late to this thread...mostly becuz I don't post here anymore...but HUGE thanks to everyone who sent me a card. I loved them all...the Zootopian card exchange is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

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