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mood thread again!!!!


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Hey ..C'mon , life is tough at times, but there is always tomorrow, you have your health and I am sure you have lots of friends who think you are top notch . Life is a long and winding road we all have to travel.....wink.gif

Oh....and if it's like the ones in England ..It's mighty bumpy but we get there...eventually....roll.gif


MMmmmm OK! but there are times...when you think when is it my turn to have some fun and feel loved and happy with someone in your life....a feel a real (((((hug))))).....??????

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HUGS to everyone for the kind words. I feel great today, had a good cry and I felt so relieved that its finally over with him. It was a rocky 5 years and its time to move on. I was just more shocked than anything, even though I knew in my heart it was not going anywhere with him.


Hope you feel better Illumination, you haven't sounded too good lately, BIG HUGS to you!!!!

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OK now I'm just laughing because I don't think I've ever posted a U2 photo on this site. I didn't take a camera last night because all I had was my big one and I didn't want to carry it around. I have no official proof that I was even there unless I was captured on the fan-cam.


BUT I did have the camera with me at the national park and I've now inundated you all with bison photos.


sorry but




I know I know

not as nice as looking at the guys

sorry gals

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