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Response to info given by U2.com (FREE SIDE)


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I gave up my 28 year membership to U2.com this year. Propaganda was a great fan club. U2.com has always been a kick in the ass to the fans. Duals is a joke gift for the true fans. NLOTH really disappointed me anyway. This band hyped the album to the max long before the release and that's never been done before by U2. I knew something was different. They seem to be trying too hard now to be famous. Releasing Boots as the first single was really hard to swallow. And this 360 tour seems to be going on without end! Why?? It's so disappointing to lose love for my band... but I just can't take it all anymore. The music doesn't matter anymore. It's all about the almighty dollar.

what has no line got to do with the fanclub?

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