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U2 in Argentina 2011


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¿Te imaginas a Bono tomando un café a la vuelta de tu casa?

Eso fue más o menos lo que pasó a un estudiante de comunicación en Tupungato, Mendoza, en el día de ayer, cuando Bono estuvo por Mendoza visitando una bodega del grupo Chandon.

bono-en-tupungato-01.jpg_1398818830%5B1%5D.jpg bono-en-tupungato-03.jpg_1398818830%5B1%5D.jpg

Un joven estudiante de comunicación fue ayer por la tarde a cargar gas a la estación de servicio de Tupungato en su Renault 12 sin saber que a pocos metros se iba a encontrar con Bono, el líder de U2.

"Cuando me bajé el auto la chica que atiende me dijo que mirara quien estaba ahí sin hacer mucho escándalo. No lo podía creer, era Bono", dijo a diariouno.com.ar Rodrigo Melian, de 25 años, quien se reconoce como un gran fanático de la banda.

Bono estaba sentado en una mesa, descalzo, y a punto de tomar un café que acababa de sacar de la máquina, según relató el joven afortunado. Cuando juntó coraje y se acercó, quienes acompañaban al líder de U2 lo frenaron y le dieron que espere.

"Se fueron hasta la camioneta, buscaron las botas de Bono, se las puso y ahí nos pudimos sacar la foto", agregó Melian quien junto a solo tres personas que estaban ahí pudieron inmortalizar el momento.

Y remató: "Lo que más me sorprendió fue la paz que trasmite con solo mirarlo a los ojos".

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Bono Vin: U2 Frontman Invests in Mendoza

On April 6, 2011, In foreign investment, lifestyle, real estate, visionaries, wine & vineyards, by InvestBA


Under a Blood Red Malbec: Bono & Co. may have found a good excuse to keep coming back to Argentina.

When rock stars are jetting around the world on sold-out tours, they usually finish a show, pack up the gear and kite off to the next country or continent ASAP. That is unless you are U2 and the country in question is Argentina where the quality of life is tops in Latin America. So far the band has spent ten days in Argentina, played three sold-out shows in Buenos Aires and appears in no hurry to get to the concrete fortress of São Paulo.


And now it seems the Dublin quartet want a piece of Argentina for themselves. With business taken care of in BA, Bono and Co. flew to Mendoza to begin looking for vineyards. Area del Vino’s Gabriela Malizia writes, “According to sources who saw them visiting several vineyards, Bono was actually drawn to invest in Mendoza initially because of the favorable exchange rate.†Just like any important tour stop, he was accompanied by The Edge and other members of the band’s entourage.


It’s hard to imagine a better endorsement for the quality and livability of a country than this extended vacation and private vineyard investment by rock’s top-grossing act. The fact that the group played Even Better Than The Real Thing for the first time in a decade when they returned to Buenos Aires last week is more a reflection of the group’s fondness for Argentina than mere coincidence. We also think the Ministry of Tourism has found their new slogan: Argentina: Aún Mejor que la Cosa Real. (Full Story in Spanish)


For more information about vineyard investment opportunities in Argentina, search our archives and download the new issue of InvestBA Privada.



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Do you remember when I was asking him a pic with no sunglasses so I can see his eyes ????

Well, I'm starting to think that he can hear me....LOL !


Maybe I'm looking fool these days, it's just I'm missing him so much...

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Our man in Tupungato, just seated in a gas station and took a coffee from a machine, with sunglasses off and boots off. This was on tuesday, rumours says he's thinking of buying a wineary ( fingers crossed, maybe he will be a new Argentinian neighbour ), real was he visit winearies and had lunch in a kind of ranch. He came back to Buenos Aires at night in private jet, and sadly, app he left the country that night.

The newspaper UNO means ONE...!!!!

The back of the pic it says AMIGO PIZZA which means FRIEND PIZZA.

The guy who got the pic said Bono impressed him because of the peace that his eyes transmites you.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I've just told this to my hubbie and we agree that after waiting hours to see Bono 3 times with sun getting us red, heath getting us killed and rain getting us wet and cold the last night, BONO, SEND ME a MESSAGE and I'll give you my adress, so you can send me some malbec. Cheers !!!!!!!!

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