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song: "51st State of the USA"


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I've heard this a couple of times.  It's pretty undeniably U2, but I have no idea where the devil I'd get it.  Might be a remix of something else, but the lyrics are original.  kind of a long club/techno kind of thing.  anyone have any idea where it comes from?  maybe some of you have heard it?  lyrics are:


"oh dear what can the matter be?

there's stars and stripes raining down on me

my home used to mean so much to me

now it's nothing


nightmare out on the street

a land broken, shattered, and weak

we run from the barrel... but we're dead on our feet


your lost, mistaken identity

shoot guns 'cause you live in a fantasy

have you no shame?

are you looking for infamy?

why don't you go play soldier in some other country


the fate of the state has come awake

we're the 51st state of the USA

put your hands together get ready to pray

we're the 51st state of the USA"

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I've got this song, a friend down loaded it from "somewhere". I've listened to it so many times, and I dont think its U2. My reasons for this are - It doesn't sound like Bono, there are no Edge like guitar ringing sounds, and also, there is so little about it on the net. Using a music recognising software brings up no results. I'm foxed by it. My friend reckons he downloaded it saying it was titled Vertigo, thinking it was a remix, clearly not. Any further help that anyone can provide would be great. Its NOT the New Model Army song of the same title. As a side note, I really like it, think its a top tune

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