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America's U2 Tribute Band Heading To Afghanistan


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***Due to the sensitive natureof this trip, actual date and location cannot be disclosed***



Dream Beneath aDesert Sky


America’s U2 Tribute Band Heading toAfghanistan to Play for US Troops



Austin, TX:  While U2 are in the midst oftheir record breaking world tour, there is one place that they seem to havemissed – Afghanistan.  This summer, as apart of Operation H.O.T.’s (Honoring Our Troops) endeavor to cook a home-stylemeal for U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Mysterious Ways - America’s U2 TributeBand is stepping up to fill the void and bringing their U2 concert experienceto play to over 4,000 U.S. Troops.



In August of 2010, ChefCharles Carroll of River Oaks Country Club in Houston, TX started OperationH.O.T. with the vision of cooking an authentic Cajun Creole meal for U.S.Troops in Afghanistan.  With the help ofChief David Longstaff (CW4), the team has grown to include Media Chefs RickMoonen and Rick Tramonto from Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. The day’s plannedevents include performances from Operation H.O.T. team members; comedian CashLevy, Jim Karol Psychic Madman, Jay Leno impersonator Marcel Forestieri, andThe 3 Waiters performance troupe.  ChefsMoonen and Tramonto will also be hosting a live cooking show at the event.  After the Cajun Creole meal for 2,000 troops,cooked by Chef John Folse and company, Mysterious Ways will finish the nightwith an outdoor concert to over 4,000 troops. Jason Zito (production manager for Backstreet Boys) is also on board asOperation HOT’s production manager and is overseeing the ordering and thesetting up of equipment rented and shipped in from Kuwait.



Chef Carroll first sawthe Austin, TX based Mysterious Ways perform at The House of Blues in Houstonduring the summer of 2010 and immediately put the band on his list of possibleacts for Operation H.O.T.  “I was blownaway by the energy and show that Mysterious Ways put on and I knew they wouldbe a perfect for playing to the troopsâ€, said Carroll.  When his top choices of Bruce Springsteen andGeorge Strait were unavailable through his contacts at the USO, Mysterious Waysgot the call. 



“It’s an amazing honorand a once in a lifetime opportunity to be asked to play for the troops inAfghanistan,†says Patrick Fleming, manager and lead singer (Bono) ofMysterious Ways.  About the notion thathe and his band mates are heading halfway around the world into a war zone, forone show, he says, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that weare going, but U2’s music is filled with so much inspiration, hope and energythat it only seems natural. It’s a great way to let the troops know howimportant they are to us and that home is still waiting for their safe return.â€



Mysterious Ways wasformed in Austin, TX in early 2006. Originally dubbed Texas’ U2Tribute Band, they soon set their sights to a larger American audience viaFacebook and YouTube, changing to America’sU2 Tribute Band.  Over the past fiveyears, they have concentrated on the authenticity of U2’s show and music,playing shows throughout Texas, and even playing in Mexico a couple times.  According to Fleming, “You either cover U2 tothe ‘T’ or you don’t do it at all.†Adding to their list of high profile shows, Mysterious Ways opened upfor Gin Blossoms at The Fiesta OysterBake Festival in San Antonio, TX in early April.  Voted Best Cover Band in The Austin Chronicle Music Poll 2009-2010, Mysterious Ways is:Patrick Fleming (aka Bono) on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Richerson (aka TheEdge) on guitar, Michael Scaccia (aka Adam Clayton) on bass, and Scott Raulie(aka Larry Mullin Jr.) on drums.



As a final comment,Fleming says, “I suppose after this trip we will be Afghanistan’s U2 TributeBand, too.â€



Upcoming shows forMysterious Ways are Saturday, April 30th and Saturday May 28that Fado Irish Pub (214 W. 4th St, Austin, TX) from 9:30pm to 1:30amwith no cover charge.



For more information onMysterious Ways contact:


Patrick Fleming, Manager


E-mail: patrick@mysteriouswaysband.com


Promo Photos:


Website: www.MysteriousWaysBand.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/mwu2tribute


YouTube: www.YouTube.com/MysteriousWaysU2Trib



Operation H.O.T. is stilllooking for donations and gifts to bring to the troops.


For donations or moreinformation on Operation H.O.T., please contact:


Chef Charles Carroll


E-mail: chef@chefcharlescarroll.com




Executive Assistant HilmiAhmad


E-mail: hilmi@chefcharlescarroll.com





Other links:


Chef Rick Moonen: www.rickmoonen.com


Chef Rick Tramonto: www.tramontocuisine.com


Cash Levy: www.cashlevy.com


Jim Karol: www.jimkarol.com


Marcel Forestieri: www.jaylenoclone.com


The Three Waiters: www.thethreewaiters.com







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