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I have a room to share for 360 E Lansing and 360 Miami


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Okay, I have a room for each place. The breakdown is as follows.


E Lansing 06-25- Super 8 Motel East Lansing

Miami 06-27 to 06-29- El Palacio Hotel


Super 8 is 1.5 miles from Spartan, El Palacio is 1/2 mile from Sun Life, you can see Sun Life from El Palacio (it's that close!)

I know some of you probably will need a place to crash so I have double beds for these two places. On the 29th I'm changing to a different room with my friend so I can't help you there. You can pay me when we meet up. I prefer Paypal so I can resupply my checking account since my bank is only in Hawaii (alas). Cash only if you can't paypal me. I have references if necessary.


And please e-mail me, don't PM me or leave a reply here as I'm in packing/scramble mode now and won't be checking u2.com often


See you at the show :o]


My e-mail nazgul72@hawaii.rr.com

Ph 808-723-9112


Anthony (INCA)

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