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By the way, that was a joke. Don't go getting the wrong idea that I have a thing for Adam. I don't. I don't want anything taken the wrong way.   Also, Mango's, wine, cheese, not just any cheese blu

Ummmm, midweek, I think everyone must have stayed in.


Having a pint of beer and nobody to talk too, will have to read the paper !!! or find a good tune on the juke box.

Hey Maggie must be just sad news in the paper. Looking at going to a Arcade Fire gig in september, tickets are tomorrow, pre sale today with no luck. I've never gone to see anyone else than U2. AF where brilliant in Moncton.

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I see Anj and Cash in the corner, wonder if they are trying to ignore me..

Maggie dahlin' I would never ignore you. I was in for a while but answering was PM's so didn't make it back this way before dins. Sorry you were on your tod in here.

*offers pint of apology*

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