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[quote name='cash0012 wrote:

mich40 wrote:

maggie18patchwork']The... picture, that.... picture, the one just above my head..... I can only say it's a good job Zhivvy is on holiday!!!!



Are we sure his name isn't pronounced "Bone-O"?




Nothing like a Bone-o who can sing.

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By the way, that was a joke. Don't go getting the wrong idea that I have a thing for Adam. I don't. I don't want anything taken the wrong way.   Also, Mango's, wine, cheese, not just any cheese blu

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[quote name='Achtung75 wrote:

maggie18patchwork wrote:


"Two lezzas. Sisters probably. I'm just watchin"

Achtung, How about a picture of 2 Stella's on the wall, That should keep you here and make you feel happy......


Gareth Keenan's words Mags, mnot mine. Stella floats the boat just fine.


Two Stellas is it then Achtung?


Will this suffice? wink.gif  tongue.gif  wink.gif  



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[quote name='hnicolaidesk wrote:

mich40']Too much Bono?  I'll be happy to tell you what I could do to this man:




That. Is. A. Stunning. Photo of our drummer... oh my dear....

clap.gifclap.gif daaaaaaaangggggggggghappy.gif

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OK! Enough is enough is enough. 
Right, so is this Blue Room set in the US or in Europe?...cause I want Jack and Coke, ma'am!! (and in the US I'm not legal yet...darn it!) watch?v=8mkLxGbaU_o?f=videos&app=youtube_gdata

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