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By the way, that was a joke. Don't go getting the wrong idea that I have a thing for Adam. I don't. I don't want anything taken the wrong way.   Also, Mango's, wine, cheese, not just any cheese blu

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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

danielsentana wrote:


Yes, xtraspecial, just for you danny boy, the super special, extremely illusive, Jackoloupe Bunny!!

Now this is the sort of bunny I was looking forward to! 


yeah, shes HORNY, LOL!roll.gif


can't argue that. Although a bit furry, may I say laugh.gif

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seen it a hundred times but still makes me laugh!
i love this video! as a matter, i watched a movie with and by ricky earlier today: the invention of lying, really funny! but i had the best laughs with the extras , this guy is brilliantroll.gif
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reading back i came across some lovely pics, thanx for posting those helen! (and i'mnot talking bout mango or speedo pics!)
me, i am happy!!! i finished the last nightshift this morning and that means my holiday has begun!!! 15 days of being home with the family and pets! and welcoming zhiv and family soon, and hoping to see lots of progress round this place.
and of course, i'm planning on being round here a bit more toohappy.gif
The photos of the moon and the beach in my neighbourhood?

Thank you... I enjoy my camera and photos.

When you come to visit... I'll take you to all those lovely spots.




Enjoy your holidays... give Zhiv big hugs from us Zootops.  smile.gif

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