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So if you were stranded on a deserted Island...


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Magnifide glass


fishing rod

sleeping bag



I would take ? ummmmmmmmmmmmm

Paul hewson , he can provide music

and Bear Grylls


Wanted to pick some boad games like backgammon , chess etc

And a comedian like Rocky LaPorte but I did what I did..

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first thing id do is find shelter and create shelter if none available


set up a way to catch fresh water and store it....


you cant live without fresh water....


id watch the sun to guesstimate the time and the stars at night to get my bearings...


what 5 things?


stranded is stranded....most likely due to a serious navigational problem and bad weather, LOL!


I Would be lucky to come away with my life and no serious injuries...


the first thing id do is thank god for my life and sparing me...


and pray for the others left behind.

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I'd take:

my hairdryer

my lip gloss

my underwear in matching sets

my nail kit

my ipod


I'd take hubsy and La-La


First thing I'd do is what I always do when I go somewhere new...find where the toilets are


you can never be too prepared in a crisistongue.gifwink.giflaugh.gif

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Imagine a Porno director had been asked this question.


I think you can fill in the answers here-









And for the Finale---------------------------------------




When it's all over we'd think about finding food and beer.


I think this answer is great because it's unisex.



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5 items like in things? cause i've got 3 dogs, 2 cats= makes 5?

if items means things: zooropa-album, bikini (tops and knickers makes 1, right?), sunscreen, products for my contacts, sunglases.
i know lots of people would take food, drinks, knifes, matches,.... but i will just presume there will be lots of fruits and vegetables on the island. (mango's and stuffhappy.gif)
persons: my love and ??? (too hard!)
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