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What's your U2 gift?


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So a while ago me and my friend had decided to give each other mix CDs of music we liked. So a week ago I made him a U2 mix CD (My first U2 mix I had ever made somebody!! happy.gif). It was SO MUCH FUN!! 

Here was the track-listing: 
Zooropa, Miracle Drug, Moment of Surrender, Lemon, Bad, Kite, The Fly, Unknown Caller, Running to Stand Still, Mofo, Magnificent, The First Time, Ultraviolet, and Love is Blindness. 
(I had more but they didn't fit on the CD)
And then I typed up the list, and next to it, I wrote little notes next to each song, and I put some Bible References that were in all of the songs. 

So a few days ago, he told me that is was basically in love with it and that it really helped him though a tough patch and it gave him a pick me up. That made my month. Really. To know that the music helped him and that he was able to see the beauty in songs he might not have heard before. 

And the another great part? I showed one of my other friends the vid for "The Sweetest Thing" and she now thinks Bono is one of the most romantic men ever and she wants me to make her a U2 mix!! clap.gif

Have you guys ever received a U2 related gift? Have you ever made a U2 gift? Ever made someone a U2 mix just because? If not, you should! It is super fun and you just might help someone...
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