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*NOTE:About what happened to the best bono photos polls----


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Hi Zootops


The 2 Voting polls I had posted, the ones for the Best Bono Fan Photo, where accidentally destroyed when I asked a moderator to sticky them for me.


I'm sure they meant well when they tried to sticky the 2 of them, and one got deleted entirely and the other got broken.


Apparently, trying to move the HTML code from one thread to another, -when it specifically involves this sites voting polls-causes them to break and stop working.


Now the entire polls, both A and B will have to be re-created from scratch, so please bear with me as I try and reconstruct them all over again.


Please note that this means everyone will have to re-cast their votes, when I put up the 2 polls again.


Thank you for your patience.

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I re-posted them now, so people can vote again.


please note that when I re-posted them, someone deleted all of the HTML code, and destroyed all of the bono photos.


I had to re-post all of the pictures again.


so, I posted the bono pictures in a slideshow on my profile page, and invite anyone else to do the same, in order to protect the contest from being ruined again.

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