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google to spy on you effective march 1st


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i have no google-account, so i'm not worried. its up to you how much info you share in some way or another. i'm still surprised to see there are people on FB (and probably other network-sites too) who have their info visible for everyone to see. i also never accept invitations for apps, games, tests,.... on FB, cause i don wanna give up my secure-setting or share info bout friends, pics,.... with companies, strangers. i don think my info is of any value for them, but still....

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[quote name='wahine wrote:

xkenx8610']I can understand your concerns on the google, but really I have to say

one worst thing (not from the google): there are apps checking your explorer temporary files (not only cookies) and redirecting your information to banners personalized with your past exploratrions (there were interesting articles on the wsj.com some months ago),

and one good thing (from the google): if the google make no profit activities they don't say it to no-one (or I dont' know about).


Really this theme is very complex...

Do not judge, take care of your enemies... because they will define you.

Love only pure love can destroy the evil....

I know, they try to fit your needs or what might interest you, plus we all know corps pay big to come up in the list first, second, etc. I remember the old days, I actually was a secretary at the Dept of Commerce, that was my first "real job" although I had worked since I was a kid, always doing something plus my surfing paid my travel, etc. by the time I was 14 I had been all over the place but I had to take all that shorthand in school, we used typewriters, there were no recordings of meetings, it was all done in shorthand then converted over, all time sheets, all financial statements (we had a huge budget with many divisions and I was the secretary to the manager so he had all these different depts under him), copiers were so old school, when the computers came well....I switched to a real estate company at that time that was one of the first ERA's they were number one in the world which meant (Electronic Real Estate), we use to books to find listings, that was super old school, contracts were not mass produced, the ERA part of it, meant since the owner say the benefits of it, we got computers, had to go to school and literally had suits studying everything I did, it would take an ENTIRE DISK for one agent photo, then a pic of a house, another disk, it was disks EVERYWHERE, but those suits stayed around for a month, I think the name Microsoft was involved lol, anyhow, we were the number one office in the world for a few years. I was stoked and learning on the job, didn't get better than that!  I use to get frustrated and say its easier for me to take the pic tape it to a piece of paper type up what I want and create a flyer much faster than this...needless to say it wasn't long after that that everything was computer based, fax machines, you had to have the phone attached in the cradle, so I think we have come a really long way, and I know the world is a better place for most of it, the personal freedoms you give up when someone else provides the product...just the way it is. So, yes, everyday our rights are eroded, from auto taking of dna samples whenever they can to match data bases, yes, it has solved many crimes, but for those of us who have done nothing wrong like that, it feels like a violation and probably is at least morally, to being scanned for TSA, on and on and on. So, it is what it is...I hate to tell everyone but I am pretty sure every international phone call has been listened in on for many, many years, we just didn't know...So, this old lady (not too old actually to understand it all) says if they think I will buy something just cuz they market it to me, think again. Although I do love looking at cruise prices and what it costs to go where these days, oddly enough I probably wouldn't even know since I don't travel much these days, if they didn't put it in my face. As long as they don't take dirty pics of me sitting around on my computer while I'm naked it's cool LOL! Sorry for the novel, but when my first U2 show you didnt go online and order it, you just showed up and it costs $5.00, I think was $10 originally but somehow I managed to just go in cuz they said don't worry about it, The Alarm was already on stage, it's come a long, long way....plus, I'm not so interesting that they would really wanna know too much about me, I surf, I'm a mom, and that's about it....The kids are never gonna know a time when they weren't on camera every given moment from the streets to school to the mall nor will they ever know a time when they couldn't just text with their phones, Lord, it was a big deal when the first car phone came out and was actually attached to your car...LOL! Google can have it, Facebook just made Bono's company $750 million, when is that overachiever gonna settle down?


wahine, can you double space? I cant read this even though i would love to...

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TSA is not a moral violation but a constitutional violation, as is the NDAA, Expatriation Act, government controlling the people and on. The 28th ammendment should repeal any ammendments after the federal idea came into being. And it should end with "America shall never again do things without the consent of the people"

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