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Larry about to be eaten by security guard! Design by Mich40, winning photo by Jake99


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Yeah I have pics, after I return from the James tour I'll look through them and get them posted.


Spicy, yeah that's me with my blue mrnorth shirt.


There was no security concerns but the stadium security just had a really terrible manager who basically ignored Dave Sauter's safety recommendations. They filed the whole GA line through 1 entrance. It was gridlock, people were plastered against the wall. I was going to go inside the pit again but seeing how people were getting rejected on Adam's side for entry I opted just to stay on the outer ring. Aside from that crazy fiasco U2 played the best rendition of 'Magnificent' I'd ever heard.


Stadium security bosses rarely listen to U2's head of security...


pebs and voxare were both there

you look very tall to me....nice shirt too!
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