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Also at The Little Museum........


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I got my program, but am still waiting for the exhibition poster. I ordered both articles on May 10. Contacted the museum, but no answer. 

ouch...this is really BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

same my friend, he ordered the 2 in the same order....and none of the 2 so far

he had to send several mails before knowing that a mistake occured in the shipping and they (actually HE, Simon)

had to do a second shipping

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smile.gif Cool Monica !


i'm not SURE that is Patrick Brocklebank signature on the Book wink.gif and I don't Care AnyWay !

It actually is Brocklebank's sig, He signed 500 (Half the quantity) of the numbered books - All of which are sold out.. 

I got my signed Brocklebank edition and got McGuinness, Guggi & Friday to sign it too...
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eek.gif That's Pretty Cool laugh.gif ! Got n°s 583 & 584, both are signed


But Which ONE is the 

Patrick Brocklebank signature ?

Could You Help Me Gary Paul ? embarassed.gif




Im assured ALL signatures are of Mr Brocklebank, Slight variation in some BUT I guess when you have to sign 500 copies all at once it possibly gets a bit tedious -

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