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Sarah Desiree

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I'm home!


Almost a year or maybe more since I've posted on these boards.  What did I miss?  Anything happen while I was gone?


My membership expired for the first time in 5 years so I'll have to scrape some money together and deal with that eventually.  Just wanted to say hi to any people who might remember me and catch up.  Plenty changed for me this past year and I had so much support from people I met here...more even then most people I know from "real" life encounters.  It makes you realize how special the friendships with the people on this website are. 




Updates appreciated.  Will my webmail work if I try it?  Do gif files work yet?  Where in the world is Adam right now?



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Got this message when I tried to check my messages...


We're sorry, we've encountered an error.

Sorry, you are blocked from accessing this site.



Welcome home!

See, nothing's changed roll.gif
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