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Seriously, Does LiveNation actually think about these things before they decide to initiate them?


My subscription was set to expire in October- had i waited, i would have lost not only seniority in ticket preorder, i would have had to pay 10 more. So now i'm screwed.


Thanks Live Nation again-this is the second time you've done this to me-


So i guess this is what you call double dipping. If I'm wrong, and I hope i am, great, but i get the feeling that i'm not.

I feel you. 
I asked and asked about the new subscription package. No answer
I 'had' to resubscribe to not lose any of the privileges of being a member for three years
I received another U22 although I explicitly emailed them several times and said to put it on hold (I would have gladly received no gifts and then get the current one)

I emailed them again regarding what to do with the U22 they sent me...even though I asked them not to

And now I'll have to wait until October 2013 to get this


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Fair's fair. See my earlier post. I actually received a decent helpful answer to my email to Live Nation, after having renewed my almost expired subscription on 5th Nov. I will no longer get the U22 package for a second time. So there is hope for us all :-).


"Hello ,


Thank you for contacting Live Nation Member Services. My recommendation is to go ahead and renew again for the package you would like, then send me an email and I will refund your previous purchase.


If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.





Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service"

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Strange comment with the large package, Zoo Tv cd's while stock lasts. Will they adjust that when it's out of stock, else you pay for large while you don't get it

I was ''wondering'' about that comment too....

The ONLY reason I went for that option (and resubbed at all) was because of that... 'IF' that is not what I get I will be DEMANDING my money back - It's Very Simple!!!

I wait and wait in anticipation of what exactly arrives (when it eventually does)

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[quote name='MacFoley wrote:

monica martino wrote:

MacFoley']Well guys, I just got as far as punch in your CC details, but seeing as that I have a few months left on this year sub and won't be re-subbing yet...I got that far...




Has anyone reached that far yet?!?


Nope, I only checked my expiration date: March 2, 2013

You re-subbing in March next year? Or ASAP?


Patiently waiting :)

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@celticfc09 you should find the links to download the tracks in ACCOUNT INFO (top right hand of the screen)


@malahidemarina I hope they accept orders for the bigger bundle as long as they have it...hopefully they know how many :)

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I ordered a sub last month for the u22 cd,then just seen the new offer,so I have paid again(re subscribed) for the deluxe package,and it's all gone through fine,got a new order number with the email confirming what i'll get in the pack,got all the downloads including nloth and spanish eyes,also my sub has been extended to 2014.

And as the u22 cd has come I can now give that to someone as a xmas pressie.



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Oh MY! That looks really really nice!!

And I just last week had a weirdly vivid dream, in which I ran into Edge at a shoreline of some kind --I had shorelines on my mind with Hurricane Sandy hitting the Jersey Shore and wrecking the piers of my childhood breaks from the big New York City concrete vastnesses--and in the crowd we were milling about in for some reason I asked him how things were going. He said they were good, and that he'd been working on a nice project.

I guess I'm still hoping that refers to *some new stuff* coming from Edge and his bandmates...

but...I'll take this 'curating' bit for now!

'Cept my subscription doesn't end til March...

It'll be hard to wait, but I'll want to make sure I wait long enough to ensure I get this re-up package and not a second on the U22, pretty as that is and everything notwithstanding...

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