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Come Dine With Me.....


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Watched an episode of 'CDWM' last night and they had a Bono impersonator on it (who works in Spain) from Birmingham - gotta say he looked more like something from Bo Selecta and sounded more like Ozzy Osbourne...




I'd imagine Bono wouldn't even look like this guy if he lived until 100..


His menu was amusing though -


(Starter)- With Or Without You Stuffed Mushrooms


(Main)- Vertigo Pork Loin


(Dessert)- Sundae Bloody Sundae...

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That was one of the best pieces of comedy TV gold that i've seen this year!


A pic that I had to take of the tellyroll.gif



THIS...beLIEve it or not isn't the worst... he looked like a melted crate with the glasses off...


I mean I had a gold-fish that looked more like bono than this guy

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I saw this myself, wow what a complete tit he was , he had got lost in that place between himself and bono. He looked nothing like bono (more like bono's grandad).


When the other contestant said to him " if you could be anyone who would you be?" And this guy said "yeah I'd love to be bono"


He also said that he never has to pay for anything , he gets all his drinks meals etc etc free cause of who he is :-)


To think he makes a great living in the sun off of Bono. :-)


The sad thing was he talked like me and he is from the same area as me :-)

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