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Crazy queuing stories


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here it is! The Crazy Queuing story thread. xtraspicy, I hope you like it. Here you guys can post all your crazy or interesting or just any queuing stories. Have you been in the waiting line before a show? Did you like it? Anything special happened? Met someone special? I only had one proper queue, and I'll tell you guys about it later! 

SO feel free to comment and I'll be happy to read them all!


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I LOVE "queueing" fans with my fellow U2 !!!!! Dec, 2005, Vertigo- St. Louis- just in line for a long-ass time , exchanging stories about u2 shows and other shows.


2009- chicago.....my buddy and his wife from Rockford, Illinois (about 1 hour north).....drop me off at Soldier.....on the way up to venue , the freaking top of the claw is seen ABOVE the stadium.....and the line was about 1/4 mile long , about 6 people wide ....stood in line with a dude who played guitar for a lot of famous artists on tour with them (i forget the names now)....it was his and his girlfriend's first U2 show!!!


2011- chicago- FINALLY met some zootopes!!!!! Met quite a few (not going to name in case I forget one)....All I Want is You 2 provided me with food and water , or I might have died in the summer sun. .....THANKS, ME!!!!


2011 - saint louis- with my 2 best friends in the world......staying "hydrated" with Jack Daniels and Coke (prepared by yours truly in a 2 liter coke bottle...1/4 jack .....3/4 coke) and PLENTY of water .....one of the best days and nights of my life!!!!


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maybe not crazy , but definitely memorable.


I WILL say , that at Chi, 2009 and St. Louis , 2011 ....things almost got "hectic" because of some rude assholes, but they were quickly reminded of the code of behavior at a u2 show and immediately conformed

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Probably the craziest things I did have been not to queue for the last U2 shows I went to (Denver and Salt Lake City)

Actually in SLC I queued but it was only because there were people before me at the gate :P


BTW I entered the pit with no problem at all and in Denver it was passed 7pm

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Not crazy stories, but GA experiences. I wouldn't give them up for the world.


1992-Camped out for 3 days just to buy reserved tickets to see ZooTV. So worth it! Ended up on the rail next to the catwalk, about 10 rows back from the stage. Bono's arse in my face and my first Larry wave. Marvelous times!


November 19th, 2005- Froze my rear off for hours in Atlanta. Thank goodness for nice people and Starbucks. Again, worth it for the rail.


October 6, 2009 Atlanta-Probably one of the most organized lines I've been in.


May 21, 2011 Denver- hung out with several Zootops, got sunburned, best port-o-lets ever and a rail place.


July 5th, 2011 Chicago- 4:30am; lots of drama b/c a few people felt that the official queue wasn't official, lots of Zootops. Freaking sauna, and thankful for my place in line and getting to sit inside the stadium for most of the day b/c "the band were concerned about our health" and rail place. :-)


July 14, 2011 Philly- Lots and lots and lots of Zootops and lots of fun and lots and lots of hot sunshine, until having to walk up stairs, squeeze through a small tunnel (scariest GA moment ever) and back down some stairs. Getting to hear the guy behind me talk all day about how much he loved the Killers. And that night the outer rail was ruled by Zootops.

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