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My interview with Peter Rowen


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I´ve made a small interview with Peter Rowen for UltraViolet-U2 Fan Club Brazil. I would like to share with you. He was very very nice!!

And I guess it´s a great idea what he says about 'behind the scenes with U2'.

U2 invited you to take pictures of some of their shows. Do you thinkit was different from shooting someone else´s concert? I mean, was it easier ormore difficult because you´re friends?

Ah it was great to shoot the U2 shows, the fact that I know themcertainly makes the whole thing much more enjoyable to do. It's amazing to seethis guy ( Bono ) who grew up on my road, hung out in my house and even went tothe same school as me entertaining such huge audiences all over the world.


How was your experience about taking pictures of U2 360° tour? A bigstage surrounded by the audience… Which was more important to you: to capturesmall details, members expressions or the magnitude of the stage?

Yea as I said the whole experience was great. My main aim I guess was totry and get some nice images of the band..It was pretty tricky to do that aseven though I was right at the edge of the stage they were actually for most ofthe show, quite a bit away from me. I would have like to be able to get closer!


Would you like to do an exhibition with your U2 photos? Or mayberelease a book like Anton Corbijn did?

I'd love to do an exhibition... There's actually a small gallery in NYCthat might be interested in doing one! We'll see... A book, sure, that'd begreat. What I'd really love to do ( if U2 ever tour again ) is a behind thescenes, access all areas type of thing with U2... I don't think it's reallybeen done properly before and yea I'd love to do it.. could be great!


Have you ever thought about shooting U2 in Latin America, speciallyin Brazil? They say Brazilian audience is very passionate and there is aspecial energy here.

I'd love to shoot U2 in Brazil...I've never been to Latin America but Ihear it's great!! Someday I hope!! 


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