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1 - let's start again!

10046 Hi Chris I am on holidays and had not too much time to come here, I was in Porto the last two days

8422 Zhivvy, cover your eyes now for just a moment please and do not read this post . . . .    Pain, it's no wonder you couldn't understand Zhivvy over the phone, she's ENGLISH! And not just English

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5272 Our king, Albert is his name, announced today he will resign on July 21. His son, Filip/Philippe, will be his successor. Just letting you know.  

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5275 Many people have had or still have doubts whether the new king will be up to his task. Luckily for his image he has a gorgeous wife. There will certainly be celebrations, but it's not clear yet what it will be. But the amount of booze the English can handle is beyond our reach. ;)  

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