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U2We Need U!


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Well....I posted...which anyone from 'the blogs'~and yes, take this moment to sign the petition~

remembers...I am VERY technically challenged...the fact as a sometimes employed teacher I manage to use a "smartboard" w/the computer brings more self applause...or to have posted a link to Youtube is such progress....but anyhooo I digress..


I posted a link to a Youtube video of what is supposed to be a "leaked" practice of Bono scrating a new song...


My blog..'em sorry...forum post was 'edited' and the link removed but you can find it on Youtube....


And PLEASE if this illegal post gets me kicked out do remember me and that I went down a rebel.... :ph34r:


I mean REALLY...when Bono blasted (as all u2 music should be played!) the pre-released NLOTH in France that beach walkers could hear and posted it....it was such great PR for them! The last 'demo' of their cd was great..how would anyone get a copy of a demo if it weren't meant to be leaked for interest?!!  :D

It's not like the time the Edge said demos were stolen..I'd respect that....


So, I do encourage you to either google "u2 news" or Youtube and see this...I think the sound is great and am very encouraged!!


MODS if you're reading this...I'm NOT defying you...well.. ;) ...not w/mean intent....I'm trying to spread the POTENTIAL sound of what we are ALL SO DESPERATELY WAITING TO HEAR!!


It's PROVEN science that MUSIC helps DEPRESSION and ANXIETY MORE than MEDS in MOST situations (via brain waves...but don't want to get all science on you..)...so LET THE POTENTIAL u2 FLY!! The US and really the WORLD could REALLY use A DOSE OF u2 NOW!!


u2!! We need U!!

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We are aware that the posting of these youtube links come from enthusiasm and there isn't any malice behind it...


this being said, the rule is clear and any and all leak (real or not) will be deleted. Sorry about this...


But you can discuss about this freely...


btw and for what is worth ---> the alleged demo that has been circulated recently has been analyzed by several fans and it has been determined it isn't a demo but part of a soundcheck... this was published in several fan sites, like @u2...

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