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Reaching Out To The "wounded"


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This goes out to a very creative and strong member of the Zoo Blog...but can still be spread around for others...


And thou not u2 lyrics it is from Third Eye Blind that opened for u2 for PopMart...so I guess that makes it ok....


Add to that the 'walk on baby, walk on...' and I think it's Zoo approved....some of you may know who this is intended for however if you don't I think we all know someone who may feel in need of support yet afraid to reach out..so for a moment reach out.....and show support



"The 'thing' that put it's hands on you, has got nothin' to do with how the Zoo supports you
And the bruises that you feel will heal

and we hope you come around'

Cause we're missin' you
aey, yea yea Used to speak so easy, 
now you're afraid to talk to us...

carryin' that weight way too far
Concrete pulled you down so hard, out there with the wounded Missin' you
Well I (we) never claimed to understand What has happen
When you're wounded
Lemme break it down til' I force the issue

We miss your face
and you know we wish You would come back down to the Zoo 
tell, 'em that's just my battle scare(s)
We wanna HEAR from you 
like we used to

You're a marigold (And you have such a FANtastic Lab coat photo!) 
again then you walk on baby Walk on, you walk on, on 
and on You're an angel in the pit with his hands in the air
And we're missin' you
in the Zoo

Come back GasMan
We're still here and we all are thinking of you and here for you


And anyone else who may have temporarily lost their voice

Walk on...and communicate...

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