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Forget Waldo~Where In The World Is Bono?!


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Aside for just having some silly fun playing 'where in the world is Bono'....where he is may actually be our bread crumbs to follow down the yellow brick road that leads to what all u2 fans want to see behind the curtain....no not the wizard...no not 'the' Bono impersonator.....the new cd (ta da!  :D )!


So who knows where Bono is on Tuesday July 2?


(hint hint...he'll be at my house on Thursday as it's my birthday and its all I've asked  :wub: for so surely Shirley my family is going to make my only birthday wish come true!) ;)


So, let's play...where's Bono...if you post or provide a link of a pic which verifies your finding him, I hear there's arrows to be given away!


Who will be the first to find Bono (aside from Ali).

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Beautiful day! U2 frontman Bono and wife Ali Hewson hit French Riviera with band drummer Larry Mullen Jr. and friends

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2356536/U2-frontman-Bono-wife-Ali-Hewson-hit-French-Riviera-band-drummer-Larry-Mullen-Jr-friends.html#ixzz2YD6LJKNG 
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I guess Bono heard all of the hoopla Joe wrote about his 'banana yellow' jeans last summer and decided to play it safe this go 'round.

Larry at the French Riviera? Now, that is an odd spotting!

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