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If I were in high school I'd think the blogs were all about the 'in crowd' not the u2 fan crowd.


But though in reflecting on the years I've been blessed with (my birthday is tomorrow, July 4), I'm sure in the 'grown up world' there no longer exists that type of heirarcy...though I do wonder why, given how well written and subject intriguing...my blogs are.... :D .....so few of the bloggers I used to chat back and forth with pre the first downing of the blogs...no longer reply... <_<


Is there a secret handshake that I missed?  :ph34r:



Gravity, it's not pulling me
I won't be a picture with no sound
Decaying, I'm praying
You are my air
But I need the ground to kneel upon
And love can't be us all
I don't want to see you smile

I'm breaking it, taking it
I'm breaking slowly in my mind
I'm seeing it, free in it
I know love is in this soul of mine
It's not in your eyes
I don't want
I don't want to see you smile

It started light-hearted
I won't be easier like you said
I'm going, flowing
I'm leaving on the day
Of the day I will live again
You will live again
I don't want to see you smile

God knows, He knows me
Knows me, lonely 
You see, hear me, love
Say it again
You're not blind
The smoke machine 
Is yours, not mine
I don't want to see you smile

I will live again
You will live again
I just don't want to see you smile

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Here's the problem, first it's summer time and people are busy vacationing. Secondly, you're posting in the general forum and not the blogger's corner.

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